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PRO-TECH's Carpet System uses Hot Water Extraction (HWE), the only method recommended by Shaw, Mohawk, and other manufacturers. Hot water extraction is the only method that deep cleans into the fibers, and, at over 160 degrees, it sanitizes as it cleans. Yes, it leaves the carpets wetter, but they are far cleaner. Typical drying times are 3-8 hours (heavily soiled carpets may take longer). We can set blowers to accelerate the drying time.

Our Step-by-Step Carpet Cleaning Process
1. Pre-inspect
2. Pre-spot
3. Pre-spray
4. Move furniture
5. Hot Water Extract with a neutralizing agent
6. Set up fans and blower to speed drying
7. Block and tab furniture legs
8. Apply carpet protector, if requested
9. Do a final groom of the carpet nap to set the pile

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